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Unfortunately I have Lost access to Update Page  / Kelsi Lamberson (Daughter)  Read >>
Unfortunately I have Lost access to Update Page  / Kelsi Lamberson (Daughter)
Hello everyone, I am sorry to say I have lost access to this page. I am not able to approve photos or posts because I do not remember my password and I no longer have access to the email that is attached to this site. I am so sorry. I hadn’t checked the site for a few years and when I went to log in it denied the password I thought it was, and any of the ones I would have used. I created this account when I was 13 years old and things change as time goes on, like passwords and emails unfortunately. My plan was to update the main part of this page every few years with life updates and such things but it seems I will not be able to do that anymore. I have tried numerous times to get in touch with the customer service of this site but each time I try it says that my message could not be sent. I do appreciate all those who still come here and share stories, memories, and even when you are missing him. His presence is always missed. His goofiness, seriousness, laughter, just everything about him will always be missed and I thank all of you who keep his memory alive. I have some pretty big life updates compared to where my last update left off. I am 26 years old now, it’s crazy to think how 13 years has gone by and there’s so much stuff that he wasn’t able to physically be here for but I know that he didn’t miss out on any of it. I spent a lot of time in college (about 5 and a half years) pursuing a dual degree in history and classics with a minor in Latin, Ancient Greek, and art history. Funny thing about those years is that I didn’t graduate with any degrees. I decided my last semester that it wasn’t for me and that’s okay. I decided to pursue my passion for retail and now I am an Assistant Store Manager for a great company. I know that my dad would be proud of me and what I’m doing because I am passionate about it. He always wanted me to be happy no matter what. I also made a huge decision on my own and moved to a new state to pursue a career and I did that without living near family. That was so terrifying when I made that decision but it was the absolute best decision I could have ever made. Not long after I moved I was diagnosed with Stargardts disease. If you’re not familiar (which I’m sure you probably aren’t it’s kind of a rare thing) it is a condition where I am losing my central vision. It is a genetic disorder and there is no cure. I am not telling you this for sympathy or to play more sad songs for my already unfortunate journey. I am just following through with my promise of updates. There is a happy ending to this turn of events though. I met a man that I know my dad would have loved for me to be with. When I met my boyfriend almost 2 years ago, I had just been diagnosed with my blindness. When I told him about it and what that would mean for me he said we’ll figure it out. He has been there for me every step of the way, and let me tell y’all that not every step has been easy. I had to give up my car and drivers license because whole cars were disappearing in front of me, I couldn’t tell what color the light was or even how fast I was going. He just took it in stride and gets his schedule to match mine as often as he can so that I can still work and live as close to a normal life as possible. We now live together and he is just the most wonderful man I know that dad approves. I want all of you to understand that I have a really good attitude about what I’m going through not only because you can’t live your life miserably but also because I know that my dad would want me to live my life to the fullest. To live a happy and full life no matter what life throws at me. Humor is a big part of how I live my life because he showed me that. I remember how he used to use our dog Charlie as his own personal dog guitar (similar to the air guitar but holding a dog like a guitar), and how he loved April Fools day in our house. I will always try and live my life as he did, enjoy it while you have it and leave amazing memories for others when you go. Until my next update! Feel free to email me at kelsilamberson@yahoo.com Close
SFC Lamberson  / Dustin Bray (Former Soldier )  Read >>
SFC Lamberson  / Dustin Bray (Former Soldier )
Even after all these years, I still remember everything that I learned under the watchful guise of SFC "Lambo" Lamberson. The 12 mile death runs, the comments about copenhagen, and everything that he taught us. We were all so young and he turned a bunch of immature boys into grizzled men. We had our issues, but somehow he was able to turn them all around and make us the most tight knit group of misfits the world has ever seen. I will never forget the man behind the rank. Never will there be another leader such as you, and I still salute the man that I came to respect second to none. The motto for our battalion was "Stands Alone".....but no man ever had to stand alone when Lambo was around. The only person in the world that could ever command absolute obedience and compliance two seconds after a shower running around in one of the small issue brown towels, I will never forget that either. Close
A leader that is, surely missed...  / Paul Moser (Former soldier )  Read >>
A leader that is, surely missed...  / Paul Moser (Former soldier )
To the family and friends on here, I served with SFC Lamberson in Budingen Germany from 2000-2001 before he moved to Fort Campbell Kentucky. I learned so much from him in that short period of time. It has been a while now since his passing and I can still tell you all that I think of him all the time and how much of an impact he had on my life/career. In my eyes SFC Lamberson was the epitome of being a leader. I have been too two different leadership schools since his passing, and he was who I picked to talk about both times in class when discussing leaders that positively influenced our lives. I personally have stated dozens of times that he was the kind of leader that if I were to be able to serve with him forever, I would have re-enlisted indefinitely (stay in until at least 20 years) as a new soldier. In closing, just understand that I personally believe I wouldn't be the kind of soldier, or leader, that I am today if it were not for SFC Lamberson. He is sorely missed! RIP brother! Close
Remembering Sgt. Lamberson  / Jessica Rolon (Friend)  Read >>
Remembering Sgt. Lamberson  / Jessica Rolon (Friend)
Remembering a great soilder with a heart of gold and his wonderful and supportive family. A true inspiration to us all. Gone, but never ever forgotten!! Hooorah Close
A Good Man  / Ray Lewis (LRSD)  Read >>
A Good Man  / Ray Lewis (LRSD)
I transitioned from 3/325 ABCT (82nd Airborne), Vicenza Italy, to LRSD 101st MI Ft. Riley in October 1990. Desert Shield was ramping up, and I was set to get out of active duty. I was signed up for a Reserve LRS unit, and full time college. Stop-loss popped up. No big deal. You have to expect it. I figured that I'd wind up at Ft. Bragg, get assigned to a unit there, and head back over the pond. But they sent me to Kansas. I was a lowly corporal, and didn't know a soul. Within my first 48 hours of arriving, I was paid a visit by a representative of LRSD (they sent Maz, of course...), and he had my orders for the leg unit changed by the next day. I arrived at the LRSD barracks shortly thereafter, and met my new roommate. Everyone called him "Lambo", but his name tag read, "Lamberson". About two weeks later, after getting somewhat acquainted with Northeast Kansas, I headed to desert training at NTC in California. At this point, I think that I had spent a total of 2 or 3 days with my new unit, after travelling around post for in processing. I had not been able to form any bonds. While milling around our bunks after a day of sweating in the desert, I heard Lambo and Orth a few bunks over, speaking loudly, for my benefit. Lambo: "Jesus, he looks pathetic. Whaddya think?" Orth: "Give him one if you want, but it's not coming from my stash." Lambo: "It's one step above water, ya cheap bastard." Orth: "Water is important to me, so that's one step more in value." Lambo: "Shut up." (Then, directed at me): "Hey, Lewis! You want one of these beers?" Lewis: "Sure. Thanks. And I'll turn that Coors Light back to water soon enough, Orth. You can follow me and bottle it if you want." Lambo: (Doesn't miss a beat) "See? Give the man a brew!" Which, of course, Orth couldn't do, because he was guffawing (yes, I just typed "guffawing". Shut it.)and doubled over as he would often be. Close
Thinking if you guys....  / Amy, Michael &. Tristan Catterton (friends (Family) )  Read >>
Thinking if you guys....  / Amy, Michael &. Tristan Catterton (friends (Family) )
thinking of you guys today and here for you always just like we were then....always in our hearts, love and hugs! The Catterton's - Amy, Michael, Tristan Close
Remembering Rand this weekend  / Bruce Brown (friend)  Read >>
Remembering Rand this weekend  / Bruce Brown (friend)

I often think of Rand and this weekend is no different.  He was a good man, a good friend and mentor to me.  Its hard to believe its already been over 6 years since he left but he will always be with us.  I pray that you are getting along as best you can considering. Thank you for the sacrifices that you have made too.


CPT Bruce Brown

Thanks Panama Crew for photos  / Dana Lamberson   Read >>
Thanks Panama Crew for photos  / Dana Lamberson
Thanks Panama Crew for the photos!! Never seen those pics! Nice! So, please tell me the photo with the guy with knife is NOT the guy that was so drunk that he moved a Jeep (with it's emergency break on) three feet...as I'm talking to Rand on the phone in Florida?! Close
Thanks Five-O-Deuce for pic!! Nice!! Smile.  / Dana Lamberson   Read >>
Thanks Five-O-Deuce for pic!! Nice!! Smile.  / Dana Lamberson
Hope all is well with everyone! Thanks to the Five-O-Deuce person who submitted the Summer 2002 photo of Rand in camo!! NICE!! Now, if I could get a photo of when y'all were out in that horrible ice and snow storm without a tent nor heat, just yourselves and mother nature. It took the kids and I over an hour to defrost the inches thick layer of ice off his old ass ford ranger pickup truck. Lol. Smile!! I had a hot bath and hot soup and heating pad turned on high for him upon his return from the elements of winter weather!! Anyway, thanks again!! Keep the photos coming. Hopefully kelsi will post them. Hugs to everyone! Many Blessings, Always~Dana Lamberson Close
My First Army Buddy  / Owen O'Reilly (served together 88-90 basic/ AIT/ Jump School )  Read >>
My First Army Buddy  / Owen O'Reilly (served together 88-90 basic/ AIT/ Jump School )
"Lamdog" my first and dearest Army buddy. Bunk mates in basic, both became morterman together, learned to be paratroopers together and saw our first action together in Panama. He was a soldier who you'd always want with you in a "foxhole" and help any fellow trooper. We had many good and hard times together. Even set our tent on fire during basic training, laughing too hard to put it out. Still hard at times especially today, Veterans Day. I will see you again my friend one day. Close
Dana here, kelsi graduation, memories, thanks  / DANA LAMBERSON (WIDOW)  Read >>
Dana here, kelsi graduation, memories, thanks  / DANA LAMBERSON (WIDOW)

Dana Lamberson here its been awhile since i've posted.  Everyday is a fond memory of the life we shared with Rand.  He was such a blessing to us.  I recently watched the Royal Wedding and it reminded me of mine and Rand's wedding over twenty years ago.  Although I don't remember the entire world watching us exchange vows (funny).  Anyway please keep posting photos and candles the kids and I do read them.  Thank y'all so much for your continued unconditional support.  We really appreciate each one of you.  And Just a short note here for everyone for those of you who would like to attend Kelsi's graduation please email me for date time location:   randlambers@yahoo.com or usawdrlam@yahoo.com

HUGS to everyone and many blessings to each and everyone of you always!  Be sure to embrace life's precious moments which God and Time have been so gracious to give each one of us~Dana

Miss you Reaper 7  / M. S. (Reaper 7d )  Read >>
Miss you Reaper 7  / M. S. (Reaper 7d )
Think about you everyday. You are a major part of who I am today. The decisions I make I think of you and if you would be ok with them. You push me to be my best. I looked up too you and I always will. I can't thank you and your family enough for everything. I will never forget. Close
We will meet again  / Alan Bowser (FDC Chief Panama )  Read >>
We will meet again  / Alan Bowser (FDC Chief Panama )
AS the hero's in the black & white war movies always say Theynare not gone as log as we remember them. I worked with PFC Lamberson for 14 months in Panama. He was a true Paratrooper. I will not forget him or any other young "Trooper" that has fallen. "Keep your feet and knees together my friend. We will see each other on the BIG Drop Zone in the sky. "AIRBORNE" Close
Memorial Day  / Juan Rodriguez (Solider)  Read >>
Memorial Day  / Juan Rodriguez (Solider)
Memorial day you are remembered for the sacrifice that you did for you soliders. Mei you rest in peace and have a platoon waiting for us. Close
We Will Always Remember............-............  / Margaret &. Doug Sr. Dolson (FRIEND)  Read >>
We Will Always Remember............-............  / Margaret &. Doug Sr. Dolson (FRIEND)

You are always in our hearts and prayers..........

I only spoke with your Dad once from up here in NY..  That's all it

took to to instantly be aware of his gentle kindness.  He and your

family will always be Our Hero's.

Hope school is drawing to a close now and that you all enjoy

your Summer.

If I could I would reach out and hug every one of you.

Thank You for your ongoing sacrifices for us.

Mei God's Richest Blessings Be upon you and His Presence

always be in your midst.

love m and d











Randall / David Cronin (Friend D-CO LRSD )  Read >>
Randall / David Cronin (Friend D-CO LRSD )
It's been a while since you and I saw each other last. You always were the kind of guy I'd never forget! I lost touch with part of my life because bad things happened but I never lost the memory of you. I see ya on the other side Lambo. Dave Close
Another brother gone to visit you.  / Juan Rodriguez   Read >>
Another brother gone to visit you.  / Juan Rodriguez
SFC Lamberson just yesterday I found out about the passing of our brother Micheal Ecker.  I know that you will place him in your platoon in Heaven.  Missing both of you.  Juan Rodriguez. Close
I just can't find the words...  / Robert Cheeseman (Friend / 508th Brother )  Read >>
I just can't find the words...  / Robert Cheeseman (Friend / 508th Brother )

to express my sorrow and disbelief that "LambDog" is gone. I do take comfort however in the knowledge that he went out defending his countrymen. He & I shared alot of great experiences together in Panama. He spent many a nights & weekends at my apartment in Panama Viejo with my wife & I.

Lamberson was a great man and courageous paratrooper. He will be greatly missed. My wife Daysi also gives her condolences.


Robert "Hombre Queso" Cheeseman

Dana here again, I just looked at the New Photos  / DANA Lamberson (Surviving Spouse )  Read >>
Dana here again, I just looked at the New Photos  / DANA Lamberson (Surviving Spouse )
Dana here again, it's been awhile since my last postm and I just looked at the photo album and noticed the new photos from Panama, cool, thanks guys.  I've never seen those photos before.  I hope others will send more photos as well because Kelsi saves all the photos to our computer.  Really cool and thoughtful, Thanks again for the photos, oh and if you have Video's download those as well, okay?....Take care, Dana Lamberson usawdrlam@yahoo.com Close
Thank you to all who continue to Remember Rand....  / DANA Lamberson (surviving spouse )  Read >>
Thank you to all who continue to Remember Rand....  / DANA Lamberson (surviving spouse )

Dana here wanting to thank all of you who continue to Remember Rand whether it be on the Date of his Death or on his Birthday ("wineman" that was for you), and continuing to keep his memory alive in your hearts and minds as we continue our journey of life.  Thank you to each and everyone who posts comments/memories/funny stories as well as call us/text us/write to us, we really appreciate it and does not go unnoticed.  I can be reached at usawdrlam@yahoo.com   Take care all and don't forget to visit the Reaper Webpage because I think slowly but surely that is becoming active again now that we are all over the places....Dana Lamberson Proud Surviving Spouse of SFC Randall L. Lamberson   

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