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Margaret &. Doug Dolson,Sr. lit a candle on 11/12/2011: "A Blessed Salute to YOU in Heaven Sgt. Lamberson. There is still An America because of "A Few Good Men" LIke YOU."
Kelly Baines lit a candle on 11/05/2011: "Thoughts of you and your family.."
Timothy Young lit a candle on 08/04/2011: "Happy Birthday Reaper 7. Gone But Never Forgotten"
Margaret &. Doug Dolson,SR lit a candle on 07/01/2011: "The 4th will always bear the memories of Those Hero's who have fallen for All of us..."
Karen Young lit a candle on 04/10/2011: "Dana,Kelsey and Evan Guardian Angel Sgt Lamb is always in my thoughts and heart- candle lit 2 day church love, Karen"
Timothy Young lit a candle on 04/10/2011: "One of the greatest leaders I've ever served under and went to war with. Never forgotten Reaper 7"
Anne Bray lit a candle on 04/10/2011: "Kelsi,Dana,& Evan thinking of you today and wishing you peace and love always. Anne Bray & Family"
Brandon Klock lit a candle on 02/22/2011: "You will always be in our hearts Randy!! From what Ihear you were an awsome and amazing cousin!!"
MIGUEL TORRES lit a candle on 11/06/2010: "I still think about you everyday ,You're one of the greatest men I've ever met .You'll never be forgotten ."
Phillip Rodriguez lit a candle on 08/26/2010: "I am the man I am today because of the man you were. R.I.P. Reaper 7"
David Cronin lit a candle on 05/27/2010: "Gone but not forgotten… Cheers to you LAMBO!"
Margaret And Doug Sr Dolson lit a candle on 04/12/2010: "Happy Birthday Kelsi and may Our Dear Lord Continue to bless you, your Mom and your brother. Love and Prayers Always"
Anne Bray lit a candle on 04/11/2010: "Birthday thoughts and prayers for you Kelsi wishing you and your Mom and brother Peace always. God Bless ."
Timothy Young lit a candle on 04/10/2010: "Just got back from my tour in Afghanistan. Thanks for all that you did for our guys. Take care"
Todd Finn lit a candle on 04/10/2010: "Not a week goes by that I don't think of the times we had...I pray you find those I have loved, as I trust you are."
Sgt Stephen Scheri lit a candle on 03/19/2010: "its a friday and im sitting on the couch and u crossed my mind as you often do.i miss you very much"
Margart&doug,sr Dolson lit a candle on 11/11/2009: "We Will NEVER Forget... Hope it's a Real Special day in Heaven for Randy."
Anne Bray lit a candle on 11/10/2009: "Veterans Day a time to remember those heroes fallen, and all servicemen and women active and veterans status.Peace, thx"
.. lit a candle on 10/29/2009: "I didnt know you personaly. But you obviously were a great soluder and a wonderful father."
Jose Ortiz lit a candle on 08/21/2009: "Lamberson loved his job and gave the ultimate sacrifice for his country. Hero!!!"
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