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My dad was a great man. I wish that I would have been able to see him get gray hair, retire from the military, build his and moms dream home, and get to celebrate his 40th birthday. But because he was suddenly ripped away from my family I, nor will my mom or my brother, will not be able to see or be there for any of those things. All that is left of my dad are the memories that his soldiers/friends/family members post here, a tomb stone, and a bunch of articles telling its readers that he "left behind" my family. He didn't leave anything behind, it's not like he got up and walked away from us. That's something people don't understand unless they lose someone that they love. And I don't feel like he left, I feel that he is still watching over all of us. I feel like he would be proud to see where my family is at right now and all the good things that have come our way I feel like he had a small part to play in that. I miss my dad a lot, and no the loss doesn't get easier, you just get used to the idea that the person who used to always be there isn't there anymore. It's been almost eight years since I made this website, its had an unbelievable amount of views and I am so glad that I am able to share his life with everyone who visits and I enjoy reading everything that you post here, whether its telling me stories about my dad or just a post letting me know that you appreciate his sacrifice. I will not edit the "about him" section of the page, I will still keep what I said when I was thirteen and what I am writing now at the age of 20. I will only add on to this section from here on out. Now I leave you with the words from my 13 year old self:

My father was a great husband to my mother, a great father to me and my little brother.  He only had 2 hobbies, 1. His job.  and 2.His family.  Thats all he ever really did.  My dad's HV rolled over an IED in Ar Ramadi, Iraq.  That was on Sunday, April 9, 2006.  He died on my birthday April 10, 2006 of severe injuries caused by the accident.  He was flown in from Balad, Iraq to Springfield, Missouri.  He arrived at 2:30am that morning.  his visitation was on April 20,2006 at 6:00-8:00pm.  His funeral was on April 21, 2006 at 10:00-1:30.  He was buried at 2:00pm that afternoon.  I am very proud of my dad for doing what he did because he knew the consiquences but he still did his duty to serve his country. 

This is a picture of my dad when he was going to the ball with my mom.  I love this picture because this is one that he actually smiled.  Me and my mom always hastled him about smiling in pictures but he would always say," Military men don't smile".  "Sure dad then your gonna tell me pigs fly."  thats what I would always tell him and he'd just laugh at me.

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SFC Lamberson   / Dustin Bray (Former Soldier )
Even after all these years, I still remember everything that I learned under the watchful guise of SFC "Lambo" Lamberson. The 12 mile death runs, the comments about copenhagen, and everything that he taught us. We were all so young and he turned a ...  Continue >>
A leader that is, surely missed...   / Paul Moser (Former soldier )
To the family and friends on here, I served with SFC Lamberson in Budingen Germany from 2000-2001 before he moved to Fort Campbell Kentucky. I learned so much from him in that short period of time. It has been a while now since his passing and I...  Continue >>
Remembering Sgt. Lamberson   / Jessica Rolon (Friend)
Remembering a great soilder with a heart of gold and his wonderful and supportive family. A true inspiration to us all. Gone, but never ever forgotten!! Hooorah
A Good Man   / Ray Lewis (LRSD)
I transitioned from 3/325 ABCT (82nd Airborne), Vicenza Italy, to LRSD 101st MI Ft. Riley in October 1990. Desert Shield was ramping up, and I was set to get out of active duty. I was signed up for a Reserve LRS unit, and full time college. Stop-l...  Continue >>
Thinking if you guys....   / Amy, Michael &. Tristan Catterton (friends (Family) )
thinking of you guys today and here for you always just like we were then....always in our hearts, love and hugs! The Catterton's - Amy, Michael, Tristan
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Thanks Panama Crew for photos  / Dana Lamberson     Read >>
Thanks Five-O-Deuce for pic!! Nice!! Smile.  / Dana Lamberson     Read >>
My First Army Buddy  / Owen O'Reilly (served together 88-90 basic/ AIT/ Jump School )    Read >>
Dana here, kelsi graduation, memories, thanks  / DANA LAMBERSON (WIDOW)    Read >>
Miss you Reaper 7  / M. S. (Reaper 7d )    Read >>
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Memorial Day  / Juan Rodriguez (Solider)    Read >>
We Will Always Remember............-............  / Margaret &. Doug Sr. Dolson (FRIEND)    Read >>
Randall / David Cronin (Friend D-CO LRSD )    Read >>
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his spirt  
he has left his spirt behind he my not be here physically but he will always be in our hearts no matter wat
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